This Video Explains How Cannabis Is In Your DNA


Cannabis is a superfood, and in your DNA. So, why doesn’t every person have access to the healing herb? Check out this video from Minivanjack.


Activists have been working toward nation-wide legalization for decades, and the cannabis industry has seen substantial progress. Yet, the lack of a big move from federal agencies is alienating to many die-hard herb lovers out there. A video released by Youtuber Minivanjack showcases the new tension perfectly. Check out the video below on how cannabis is in your DNA.

The bountiful benefits of cannabis

Man Outraged About 1 This Video Explains How Cannabis Is In Your DNA
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In the most recent Gallup poll, 60% of Americans expressed support for cannabis reform. After the November election, more than half of the 50 US states have approved some type of cannabis program.

In a self-made video, YouTuber Minivanjack makes some bold claims about cannabis. He opens,

Did you know that you have cannabis receptors in your body, in your cells, in your DNA? Chock that up to one thing your government never wanted you to know.

It’s true, humans and other mammals do have unique cell receptors that cannabis engages. The receptors are called cannabinoid receptors, and they respond to a variety of different internal and external stimuli.

The human body even makes a chemical very similar to THC, the primary psychoactive in cannabis. The human version is called anandamide, or the bliss molecule. Though, the two compounds are different in function.

Inside mammal DNA live the genes used to code for cannabinoid receptors and enzymes that synthesize anandamide and other endocannabinoids. Further, many plants interact with the endocannabinoid system and can have similar effects to cannabis compounds.

Yet, the current US cannabis policy does not reflect the most recent research on the topic, nor does it reflect public opinion. As a result, individuals like Minivanjack are taking action.

Access to healing

Man Outraged About 2 This Video Explains How Cannabis Is In Your DNA
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While the claims made in Minivanjack’s video are not backed by scientific literature, the sentiment stands out. Cannabis is indeed a powerful, healing herb that people want to access. Delaying the conversation only increases the anti-government sentiment that is rocketing through the nation.

According to Minivanjack, cannabis is something that should be a part of our daily diet. He explains,

We need the fresh plant, like in a salad or juiced. It’s a nutrient, one of the best that you can put in your body. Cannabis is one of the most powerful nutrients and healers on the face of the planet, and you were not supposed to find that out.

The benefits of the cannabis plant are vast. With so much evidence indicating the harmlessness of the herb, many, like Minivanjack, are going out of their way to break through stereotypes about the herb.

Yet, decades of prohibition have transformed the cannabis plant into a significant source of tension between the public and governmental authorities.

While Minivanjack chastises the government for keeping cannabis away from the public, many government workers are fighting hard for change. Local governments, for example, have been instrumental in changing cannabis policy around the nation.

Not to mention, as more states open their eyes to cannabis, more congressional and state representatives will become familiar with the public demand and general need for cannabis reform.

Though the federal government and corresponding drug and health agencies are the gatekeepers to cannabis legalization and medical research, it’s safe to say that more government officials than ever are expressing support for change. After all, small accomplishments strung together can have lasting, large-scale impacts.